“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t you are right.”


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Seeing change in people at One Cycle, physically, mentally, emotionally, and growing with them.

Andy Lin is a bit of a swiss army knife. Except he’s one-eighth Russian (and seven-eights Canadian of Asian descent) so that could perhaps make the swiss army knife analogy fall apart except he truly is a multi-tool kind of person.

In his personality tool belt he is armed with intelligence, charm and insatiable energy and in his professional tool belt he is a Commercial Realtor, University of Calgary Finance graduate and burgeoning chef with an eye out, and belly for, creating a “taco-perogies” dish. Joining some incredibly indulgent food groups may not conjure images of “fitness professional” but it’s exactly this dichotomy that makes Andy an amazing part of One Cycle. Taco-perogies versus protein-power-smoothies. Hours at the gym versus hours on the pub patio. Easy going guy versus firm motivator.

Originally from Vancouver, Andy moved to Calgary in 2007 to pursue a university degree and brought his passion for an active lifestyle, and a certain NHL team, along with him. If the Vancouver Canuck’s are your NHL team of choice then you’re welcome to attend his classes where this Vancouver native will gladly talk Canuck’s folklore and statistics. “I’m a die hard Canucks fan so I make Flames fans work extra hard. Just kidding! Everyone works hard! I hope that new clients arrive with an open mind and that my regulars set out to achieve their personal bests” says Andy “You can expect me to work hard too - I’ll be breathless right along with you!”

Besides teaching spin and dreaming up the perfect taco-perogies recipe, what else is it that Andy would like to add to his repertoire? “I want to jump out of a plane! I wish I could fly but jumping out a plane will have to settle. Although I really believe in Henry Ford’s quote Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right. So maybe one day I’ll fly, ha! In seriousness though, I love this quote because it gives me the motivation to think positively and the confidence you need to execute.” Well, we can see it now Andy; you busting out of a plane and flying off into the sunset with a jet pack fuelled by taco-perogies and a soundtrack of edm, house, drum and bass and hip hop remixes. Sounds like a good time and we’re in!

Instagram: @andylin_3