“Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.”


ONE song that gets me going:

Speakerbox - Bassnectar

ONE of my guilty pleasures:

5 cent Candy

Ashley Duncan, also known as “Racer Rabbit”, describes her ride as a woo-filled energy high which will most definitely include standing sprints which is one of her favorite moves on the bike.

Ashley has a degree in Kinesiology that she is putting to good use as an accountant for a small oil and gas company. When she isn't playing with numbers you can find her counting km's as she trains for ultra marathons with her dog Bradie. Spin has been the best addition to Ashley's training program and her clients are what keep her going. "The energy that spills out of OC is so contagious and it keeps me pushing harder to keep growing with our clients". When you attend Ashley's class expect a heart pumping', woo filled spin class with a house party vibe. Don't hold back, unleash your inner beast when you enter our party cave!

Instagram: @ahoped