“You musn’t be afraid to dream bigger, little one”


ONE of my favourite moves on the bike:

Pump and Tap baby!

ONE of my guilty pleasures:

Bananas dipped in almond butter

Brandy's quote is something her grandfather used to say to her, which inspired her to get it as a tattoo along her spine.

Brandy’s crisis response training has taught her to always be cool, calm and collected under times of high stress and conflict. However, get her into any kind of competitive situation and you can sense the fire start to build inside of her and a familiar twinkle returns to her eyes. Training sessions of three and four times a day were part of her daily routine as a member of the Marquette’s NCAA Division I volleyball team and so Brandy cannot imagine her life without movement, in fact she finds sitting still to be quite a challenge. ”Our bodies were made to move and if you aren’t moving, well, then you are sitting and that just makes you a good sitter.” If you were to ask her, Brandy would tell you that spin and yoga came into her life just when she was in desperate need of an alteration in course. “This community has re-energized me, and for that I am so grateful.”

When she isn’t in the spin or yoga studio, or outside enjoying some other active pursuit, Brandy works as a principal in a school of over 900 teenagers, all going through various stages of puberty…hence she tends to draw on that crisis training on a daily basis. In fact, she loves school so much she returned to the University of Heidelberg in Germany a few years ago to finish her PhD, focusing on using the most current developments in neurobiology to optimize learning environments for adolescents. She credits her 900+ school children with keeping her young. Spin helps Brandy ensure she can keep up with an extremely active lifestyle that involves participating in and watching all kinds of athletic pursuits, travelling, finding the most effective and healthy ways to fuel our bodies, and also reading, researching and writing. She can’t wait for you to join her on the bike…and remember, as a school principal, she has heard every excuse imaginable…so needless to say, there is no room for excuses when it comes to Brandy’s spin class.