“Love, live life, proceed, progress...”


ONE of my favourite moves on the bike:

Tap backs

ONE of my guilty pleasures:

Tiny things, especially tiny succulents

Brittany Alamag, aka. “B”, shares the same nickname as Beyonce - and flair for style. This may have something to do with the fact that she has a Bachelor’s of Applied Interior Design Degree and works as a full time Interior Designer on the side.

This born and raised Calgarian, a keen eye for design, would love to one day combine her love of fashion, design and architecture into a career. In the meantime, you can find B’s infectious energy and kind vibe at her weekly classes at One Cycle. When not at the spin studio she is with her first love, hot yoga, circuit training or participating in any outdoor sport. But wait. There’s more. B’s into cars. And gaming. “People are always surprised to hear how much I’m into cars and that I love gaming. Mostly racing and RPG games.” We think you one-upped Beyonce there, Brittany!

Fueling her active lifestyle, B relies on UNA pizza. “Get the kale Caesar salad and 4 Maggi pizza and then end off with the peanut dessert! Life changing.” she says.

Stepping into one of Brittany’s classes you can expect diverse music with a focus on gangster rap. And expect her happy and bubbly demeanor to evolve into a highly motivational instructor. “It’s funny when people already know me as a happy and bubbly person and then they come to my class. They claim I have an alter ego and I’m a hardcore pusher.”

What motivates Brittany to get on a bike hour after hour, week after week? “The loyal spin community that comes weekly. I love seeing our regulars’ progress and how happy they are after each class is truly rewarding. The energy they give me gets me through class. I love my spin fam!” But Brittany also has a hidden agenda that motivates her; getting a six pack is on her bucket list and this type of spin class is a great way to achieve this. Just try for yourself. Brittany and her new six-pack will be ready for you!