“If someone tells you you can't do something, prove them wrong.”


ONE thing that motivates me:

The strength and determination of the OC crew and riders.

ONE word to describe my ride:


Carly is a born and raised Calgarian and has a true love for this city and supporting everything local.

Eating and hanging with her dog Sophie are a couple of her favourite hobbies alongside spin. When she's not in the studio, hanging with her dog, or out at a favourite restaurant, she is checking out the city's Real Estate and hoping to start working in the field soon.

She is energetic and wants to push you to your limits, but make it fun! If you get to her class you will feel like you are in a night club, partying on the bike. The goal of Carly's classes is to make you sweat, smile, and shake (your booty). Spin is the thing that makes Carly smile no matter what mood she is in or how her week or day is going. "The energy and motivation of those that come into the studio pushes me to work harder and always do my best to inspire those around me, because they all inspire me. I can't explain how good of a feeling I have in my heart after teaching a class." Carly likes to sing a little bit in the class, though she is not the best singer she can't help herself but sing along to the fun upbeat song playing. Her energy is high the whole time whether she is singing, or jumping around the room. She wants you to stay in the zone and work you to your fullest potential.

In her class you can expect to hear some throwback tunes from the 90's or early 2000's, some hip hop/rap, and top 40's, of course. So if you want to sweat, smile, and shake your booty to some good tunes, don’t hesitate for one second to go to Carly's class.

Instagram: @CARLYITZCO