“If you cannot do great things, do small things in a great way”


ONE song that gets me going:

Who Gon Stop Me (Jay Z & Kanye)

ONE thing you may not know about me:

I was in a Jazz Band for 4 years (played the trombone)

How did a guy who loves basketball, boxing, crossfit, hiking, biking and snowboarding end up indoors leading the pack in a small, dark, room?

“The answer is simply; I just fell in love with spin. It really clicked with me.” says Chris. That says something about the power of many people in one room, moving together as one, on one beat. But the room needs a strong lead and Chris hits the mark. “I’m just paying it forward. Teaching spin opened my eyes up to a new appreciation for fitness and how connected our minds and bodies are.”

We know that if the NBA came knocking, we’d lose Chris in an instant as basketball is his first passion, but until then we’re happy to see him apply team dynamics to the spin studio experience. “The community we have at the studio is insane!”. And how does he keep ‘the community’ motivated through 50 minutes of work? “With a high energy, bass droppin’, booty poppin’, legs gonna be workin’ type of class by yours truly. I try and bring the type of energy that will motivate from beginning to end.” says Chris.

You’ll definitely see the energy pouring from this cheerful and easy-going instructor with a passion for sports. “And pizza! Hands down my favorite food,” says Chris. In addition to being fuelled by the ‘zza, what else fuels Chris? “This quote by Arthur Ashe really connects with me; “Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.”. It can be applied to anything we want to achieve in our lives. It’s super empowering and I want to people in class to feel that way”. Power to the people, Chris! And to you!

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