“Run towards the Roar.”


ONE thing I can’t live without:

Blue gum - no joke, check almost all my pictures.

ONE thing that motivates me:

My Son

Jessica Olstad (née Janzen), aka. JJ Hammer, knows how to throw down the, well, hammer. This bold energetic and caring farm-girl-turn-city-hustler made the trek to Calgary in 2006 with $300 to her name and no job prospects. “It has been the best decision I ever made.” No better way to learn how to hustle than from a hustler!

So what inspires Jess, and her mega-watt smile, to in turn inspire others at One Cycle? Having 40 people show up and give their all for 50 minutes is pretty powerful. We as instructors get to impact that time - you as a client get a chance to tune out the crazy of the day and take time to reset, focus and push yourself beyond your limits. It is incredible how 50 minutes of fitness can get you gear up for the challenges that lie ahead. 
Keeping her fueled is coffee, coffee and more coffee! You can probably catch her with a Starbucks in hand 99% of the time. The mind needs fuel too and Jess has two quotes to draw inspiration from: "Don't forget to bring the joy, even in the darkness light can be found." and "Dream big, go anywhere, do anything."

Jess loves seeing people let loose, get sweaty and have fun in her class. Her soundtrack is inspired by some Top 40 “..and whatever else that I Shazam that makes me want to pump, dip and tap back to." When Jess isn't at the spin studio teaching you can find her capturing her day on insta stories of "Hot Ronnie" her hubby and Swayzie her daughter. She is currently writing a book to honor her son Lewiston who recently passed of SMA type 1. To learn more about SMA and the Love for Lewiston foundation visit their website at

Instagram: @jsjanzen