“It is not the critic who counts, the credit belongs to man or woman in the arena whose face is marred with dust and sweat and tears, who if fails, fails daring greatly”


ONE thing that motivates me:

I'd say my mom - she is THE most passionate and hardworking person I know by far.

ONE thing you may not know about me:

I know 4 languages - Twi (my native language), French, Japanese and English.

Hailing from West Africa to Saskatchewan and now Calgary, you'll often find Kwad quoting phrases about daring greatly or working today to be a better you tomorrow sporting the cheesiest grin.

Believe it or not Kwadwo used to be 30 pounds heavier - with pictures to prove it- and disliked exercise with the ferocity of a thousand suns. That changed a few years ago thanks to a small gym and a friend he made while living in Vietnam for a summer. Since then, fitness and health have become passions for him. After being introduced to spin by a good friend he has been hooked and is happy to call One Cycle another home. The community, the feeling of a fast beating heart and even the soreness and breathlessness that come with a good ride are all factors that motivate Kwad. His hope is to push others beyond their comfort zone of their current physical prowess. He firmly believes that we only change for the better when we are challenged and that comfort only serves us well for so long. His ride models that belief. You will leave feeling sore, sweaty, challenged but with a smile on your face.

Of the bike, Kwadwo can be found lifting heavy things and putting them down or walking the halls of the hospital at night as an Internal Medicine resident. Having been to over 20 countries (and counting) one of Kwad's favourite things to do is to explore what the world has to offer. With his time off he can often be found in a foreign country avoiding deep waters, as he cannot swim- but finding something tall to climb, hike or jump off. He maintains his performing arts roots by playing guitar and singing in a choir his spare time.

Come join OC's choir singing, guitar playing, jet-setting resident physician for a ride! Your body, legs, arms, and booty will thank you.

Instagram: @KWADMP