Lauren C

“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.”


ONE word to describe my ride:


ONE thing that motivates me:

When I get to see people step out of their comfort zone and try a new type of exercise, or change up their routine - gets me all jazzed up!

Lauren ‘Race Legs’ Capozzi is passionate about bringing active living to those around her. She spends most of her time working with cancer survivors to improve their quality of life during and following treatment with the use of exercise and healthy living habits.

Originally from Kelowna, BC, Lauren’s contagious energy and shampoo-commercial quality hair has been permeating Calgary since 2010. She loves the rush of forty people on bikes, in one room, all working towards one goal of “health, fitness and happiness” she says. “It is incredibly motivating to be surrounded by determined, sweaty spinners who are all connected in their intentions. Teaching challenges me to unlock the potential of each spinner, and encourage people to discover their abilities. To do that, I have to push to my limits, and I love that feeling. I am a strong believer that it is up to each of us to reach out and grab what it is we want from life.” says Lauren. She definitely has a firm grip on what she wants. And what makes that grip so strong, physically? “I just got a VitaMix…so right now I am fuelling with GREEN SMOOTHIES! I also love dried fruit and a fantastic salad! When not at the One Cycle Studio this motivating and enthusiastic instructor can be found at the Calgary Farmers Market, indulging in wine, pizza or a great salad at Notable, Una Pizza, River Café or Mercato and enjoying yoga, cycling, hiking, skiing, rollerblading, waterskiing and kickboxing.

Oh – and she’s also a medical and doctoral student (MD/PhD for those who like acronyms) at the University of Calgary where she has studied for the past three years. Her ultimate goal is to be a doctor and researcher who stands for integrative care, including promoting supportive exercise programs for people with chronic conditions (like cancer). She still has another 5 years left in her medical doctor journey but when she’s out – look out world. The future Doctor Lauren Capozzi will be spreading good vibes and healing beyond the four walls of our spin studio - and we’re all excited for that.

Instagram: @lccapozzi