Lauren T

“Sometimes there is no next time, no second chance, no time out. Sometimes it is now or never!”


One word to describe my ride:


One song that gets me going:

King of the Dance Hall really gets my blood flowing and I can’t help but bust a serious move!

When Lauren Trimm (aka LT) is not working it on the bike, she is either getting her sweat on a different way or enjoying good food and delicious drinks with friends and “trying to stay out of trouble.”

You wouldn’t know it by her pro moves on bike in class, but last year was the first time she rode a road bike in 18 years. “I stuck with the stationary bikes for a while, it really is something you never forget how to do! Haha.”

She is fueled by the amazing people in her life and brings her vivacious energy and sass to every one of her classes with a few of her favourite tap backs thrown into the mix that will surely work that booty.

Instagram: @lolo.trimm