“It’s about progress, not perfection.”


ONE word to describe my ride:


ONE thing you may not know about me:

I went to fine arts school as a kid and sang in the Calgary boys choir for 8 years.

Mike Henry is a baller. By Urban Dictionary terms that means he’s living large. Which he is. He is tall, broad shouldered, played college basketball in Montana (Go Bobcats Go).

He also knows a lot about megabytes and terabytes, which are very large numbers. You see, Mike’s day job is managing a group of software developers that build custom solutions for an Oil and Gas company in Calgary.

The self-described A-type personality is always striving for the next thing. Driven by a desire to constantly learn and push limits he applies this to his classes. “But I am also very much aware to be present and enjoy every moment life offers”, says Mike. “I want to motivate and inspire those around me and myself to make fitness not just some class you go to, but part of a lifestyle.”

He fuels his workouts with anything (anyone else thinking: metabolism lottery?), although his favorites are sushi, cheese (all kinds) and Vietnamese cuisine. When not at One Cycle you can find Mike at Mercato Restaurant on 4th street or… stealing cats? “I scored a cat on a city wide treasure hunt in University in a…. how would Rob Ford put it… “in one of my drunken stupers”. I still have the cat today….15 years later.”. Thank you for clarifying Mike! A one time only thing!

In Mike’s class your ears can expect hip hop, reggae, soca, calypso. “I’m an island boy from St. Lucia so that is the sound I grew up with. You can be sure to hear a heavy beat, with quick lung burning jogs with slow hard hitting climbs.”

Besides a heavy beat, what else inspires this outgoing and competitive guy? “I am driven by “fail fast”. It’s a term we say lots in software development and it means that if you have a plan of attack, go for it, but know it’s ok to fail, you tried. But fail fast to learn from it, and apply it to the next attempt. It’s about progress not perfection.” Perfectly said Mike.

Instagram: @mg_henry