“The most important project you’ll ever work on is you.”


ONE word to describe my ride:


ONE thing you may not know about me:

I love charades more than anything in life and make everyone at my family dinners play it with me. They are usually (let’s be honest) NEVER as excited as I am.

Morgan Linehan, originally from Victoria, BC has been sweating it up in Calgary since 2008. She loves hot yoga, running, boot camps, circuit classes but spin has really captured her heart.

“I teach spin because I love having a positive effect on people! Giving your body the gift of daily exercise is amazing and I can truly see the difference it makes in the people that come to my class. I feel honored to be a part of that experience. Whether it’s the loud music, the disco ball, the friend sitting next to you, or the encouragement from the stage - there is something for everyone.”

This self-described bubbly chatterbox is “obsessed with napping”, dance floors and loves her cowboy boots more than anything. What else does she love? “I love when clients come in with an open mind and heart! You can really feel when the class gives in to the music, the beat, and the workout. Next time you clip in, get ready to cheer and smile and give in to the workout. It’s worth it!”

When not at One Cycle you can find Morgan busy working on her Masters in Leadership, refining her skills on the road bike, reading anything about World War II, reciting quotes from the movie Titanic, eating peanut butter, or sipping on a delicious Americano Misto at Analog Coffee.

Any words that inspire you, Morgan? “If you’re tired of starting over, stop giving up”. This quote really resonates with me. It is always on the background of my phone and it keeps me motivated and consistent.

In Morgan’s class your ears can expect a bumpin’ retro throwback: “I really like 80’s…like LOVE 80's and will do anything and everything to find a cool remix. Sweet dreams, anyone? I really try to incorporate the oldies whenever possible accompanied with some heavy hard house beats.”

Instagram: @morganleelinehan