“Pain is just weakness leaving the body.”


ONE of my favorite moves on the bike:

Pump dip 2 tap back combo

ONE of my guilty pleasures:

reality TV

Attending a spin class with Peter might be not only the best, but only way, to get to know this fun, easy going, young doctor.

His tight schedule is just what you might expect a burgeoning pediatric (Peter is a resident the Alberta Children’s Hospital). He’s in pursuit of his dream career of being an infectious diseases specialist and the only spare time he allows himself is leading high energy classes at One Cycle.

“Finishing my medical residency at the University of Calgary is all consuming but I love making time for spin. It’s an incredibly effective workout in an efficient 50-minute time frame and time flies by! Everyone has such busy personal and professional lives, with major overlap, and spin fits nicely into the busy mix.”

Although the workout is, as Petey V., points out, super efficient and effective, the element of fun is massive and that’s an extension of Pete himself. His 90s throwback theme rides are a must and he’s always up for a good to time “…and a good time to me, in spin, means a soundtrack of top 40 anthems, pop hits and some house.” What about trampoline parks, Pete? We hear you think that’s a pretty good time too? “Yes, one of my dreams is to own a trampoline park. And to go skydiving and scuba diving in Australia. Lastly, I’d like to be Superman.” With a bright mind like his, we bet most of that list is possible, but in the meantime, we’ll settle for Spinman.

Instagram: @petey.v