"I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel."


ONE thing that motivates me:

The feeling of community, the bonds, friendships and accountability that comes from these fifty minutes together.

ONE of my guilty pleasures:

Ice creeeeeeam

Shaima is a bit exotic. Not just because she is from Egypt or because she is a world class Muay Thai competitor. Not just because she is a unique blend of professional accountant, yoga instructor, spin instructor and full contact fighter. It is because she has a flamboyant personality on the bike that has made her an inspiration to a very loyal following.

Or perhaps it’s all of these wonderful things combined that make Shaima an exotic member of the One Cycle family. This charismatic, quirky, funny and energetic woman has so many exciting commitments on the go. With so much competing for her time, what is it about spin that keeps her engaged? “I love seeing the release it gives people from their daily routines and stress. I love watching them let loose. I love the look of contentment and exhaustion at the end of class because they’ve pushed so hard. Ultimately, I get immense satisfaction from seeing our guests feel better about themselves.”

When not sweating on a bike and inspiring people with her quirky jokes Shaima likes to keep the sweat going. “My favourite gear to sweat in are my boxing gloves (I am grateful to have had the opportunity to fight in the 2012 IFMA World Championships in Russia)! When I’m not wearing gloves I enjoy teaching hot yoga and weight training”.

Keeping her energized are protein shakes, triple chocolate fudge brownies and ice cream. “I love ice creeeeeeeeeam!” emphasizes Shaima. Ice cream infatuation aside, there is another appealing part of Shaima’s classes and that is her blunt honesty and commanding personality. “When people come to my class I expect them to leave their issues at the door and to focus on themselves. I want the greatest version of themselves in class. I want each person to be a source of strength for those around them because they never know who they could be inspiring”. Knowing Shaima’s athletic background you would be ill advised to not listen to what she says. But we have a feeling that if you slip up it can all can be mended with some delicious chocolatey… ice creeeeeeeeeam.

Instagram: @shaimez