“Dedicate the precious days of your life to the betterment of the world.”


ONE thing that motivates me:

The desire to make people happy. I can see how happy people are when they’re sweating and feeling fit. This has such a positive effect on many areas of their life.

ONE song that gets me going:

Hip hop, especially old school hip hop!

Elmira Barry is the sort of person you imagine when you imagine what the owner of a fitness and wellness business may look like.

She is rarely seen without lycra and advertises the body one gets from doing spin and yoga and words like organic and kale and positive energy flow easily and authentically from her mouth. But other, more unexpected words flow from her mouth too, like raunchy hip hop lyrics. “I use a variety of music to challenge and motivate my class and I also use inspiring quotes and words to get them pumped rather than yelling. I’m not a yeller.” yells Elmira (just kidding).

Elmira moved to Calgary 18 years ago from Persia (“I would say Iran but it sounds so violent.” she jokes) where she met Paul Barry and they eventually grew into marriage and business. Together they own, operate and instruct at One Cycle Spin. In addition to One Cycle the couple also owns Hot Yoga on 17th and Hot Yoga and Spin on Crowfoot. “I am also mom to 2 gorgeous girls who keep me on my toes daily! Oh - and I’m also the most amazing wife ever – I remind Paul of that daily!” laughs Elmira.

So by now you can get a sense of what Elmira’s class may be like. Serious. Very very serious. “And if you aren’t as sweaty as me but the end of my class then you’ll have to stay for the next one!” says Elmira breaking out into a very unserious big smile.

So where did the idea come from to create a business where spin meets night club? Bike meets bass? Saddle meets swagger? “I have a Business degree from the prestigious University of Lethbridge," says Elmira cheekily, “and am described as being energetic and ambitious so I suppose I saw the opportunity to introduce Calgarians to a fitness concept that was incredibly successful in the United States.” The whittling waistlines and heartier hearts of Calgarians are ever so appreciative!

Instagram: @elmirabarry


“Never underestimate anyone, including yourself. When you put yourself out there and believe you can do it, guess what… you can!”


ONE thing you may not know about me:

I have a background in mathematics and business

ONE of my guilty pleasures:


Someone had to get this (spin) party started in Calgary so Paul did. Along with his wife Elmira. Together they own and operate and instruct at One Cycle Spin. Calgary’s calves and ear drums have never looked or felt better.

Born in England 24 years ago (editors note: I get additional kick backs for making him sound ridiculously young) Paul gathered as much mathematics and business knowledge as possible and took that valuable post-secondary education to the Canadian prairies. Here his talent for math and business could flourish along with his love of road racing and mountain bikes. “I used to race bikes in England, but I was never good enough to be a professional on the ‘moving bike type’ so now I am a ‘professional’ on an indoor stationary bike!” says Paul.

When not taking care of business on the bike, or actual business, Paul deeply values spending time with his two lovely daughters and wife. “Doing everyday stuff together, playing soccer, homework (mathematics background finally starting to pay off), movies, travelling and chauffeuring them around......I love it.” says Paul.

Paul’s other passion is eating. “I love pasta, bread, flour and sugar!” Clearly having won the metabolism lottery, Paul explains that “I have to avoid Costco otherwise I would buy, and consume, the Costco portions in one sitting. I always buy my candy at 7/11 for twice the price and a quarter of the portion to cope with my sugar addiction”. Spin classes can’t hurt to balance out that metabolic mayhem, right Paul?!

His favourite spin song is Susan Boyle’s audition on Britain’s Got Talent, which he excitedly encourages you to watch on YouTube. Whether or not this is British humour remains to be seen, but he explains that “You will get a little teary eyed, it’s that good. Never underestimate anyone, including yourself. When you put yourself out there and believe you can do it, guess what… you can! That’s why I love this clip. Greatness is not for the chosen few.” We couldn’t agree more with that Costco-sized piece of inspiration.



“Be stronger than your excuse.”


ONE of my favourite moves on the bike:

A heavy climb track. As who doesn’t want a tight tush?!

ONE thing you may not know about me:

I wanted to be a mortician and even went as far as being accepted into the program.

Vanessa is the personification of The Energizer Bunny. She is a constant source of positive energy and has a dynamic smile.

This cheerful and perky athlete has been sharing her positive and infectious energy in group fitness classes since the year 2000. She's done it all from sporting the lycra body suit for a step class to teaching spin where the bikes have no seats (thank goodness that fad passed quickly!) When she's not in the spin room, the party doesn't stop. Being a busy mom takes her all over the place for daily activities. Swimming, play centers, libraries and zoo trips are filled with chasing after toddlers filled with giggles and smiles. Being a lover of small people, she spends the rest of her free time working at The Alberta Children's Hospital in Diagnostic Imaging.

Originally from Lethbridge, this Energizer Bunny made her way to Calgary in 2003 (she probably ran here – and carried her own luggage). Out of all of Calgary’s high energy distractions, spin caught her attention because of the high energy dance party that the One Cycle atmosphere offers. “I love being in a room filled with sweaty people pushing their limits.” Vanessa is in constant motion, whether it’s in the pursuit of sweat or new learning opportunities. She’s motivated by the saying “Don't wait for the perfect moment, take the moment and make it perfect.” We’d have to agree that this woman is an inspirational animal on the bike!

Instagram:  @vapoll


“Good things come to those who wait… greater things come to those who get off their ass and do anything to make it happen.”


ONE word to describe my ride:


ONE song that gets me going:

Bang That (Disclosure)

When you’re in Brody’s class the vibe is thick and the movement fast and smooth. With a carefully curated soundtrack, and varied choreography, he takes you on a journey much the same way that, say, a seasoned stage performer might.

Which is what Brody would be doing if he could have any job in the world; singer/performer. “Hitting the beat and connecting with the music is so important; it drives your body to work outside it’s comfort zone.” says Brody. “I know it can be tricky, especially if you are new or it’s been a while, but allow yourself the time to connect to the beat, layer in the moves and then our journey really begins. Getting it all to align is part of the fun.”

Brody has spent most of his life here in Calgary and being active is a dominant theme is his life; whether actively traveling the world or enjoying the city’s diverse day life... or night life. His friend’s have a theory that he works out so that he can fuel his addiction to pizza and authentic Mexican food.

When not consuming our favorite emoji food groups, Brody keeps busy building his pop, dance, EDM and r&b inspired playlists, working full time in the interior design industry, hanging with his dog, doing hot yoga, running, waterskiing, skiing and dreaming of his next surfing getaway. Until then, you can join the wave of Brody fans at One Cycle.

Instagram: @Brodymh


“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t you are right.”


ONE of my nick names:


ONE thing that motivates me:

Seeing change in people at One Cycle, physically, mentally, emotionally, and growing with them.

Andy Lin is a bit of a swiss army knife. Except he’s one-eighth Russian (and seven-eights Canadian of Asian descent) so that could perhaps make the swiss army knife analogy fall apart except he truly is a multi-tool kind of person.

In his personality tool belt he is armed with intelligence, charm and insatiable energy and in his professional tool belt he is a Commercial Realtor, University of Calgary Finance graduate and burgeoning chef with an eye out, and belly for, creating a “taco-perogies” dish. Joining some incredibly indulgent food groups may not conjure images of “fitness professional” but it’s exactly this dichotomy that makes Andy an amazing part of One Cycle. Taco-perogies versus protein-power-smoothies. Hours at the gym versus hours on the pub patio. Easy going guy versus firm motivator.

Originally from Vancouver, Andy moved to Calgary in 2007 to pursue a university degree and brought his passion for an active lifestyle, and a certain NHL team, along with him. If the Vancouver Canuck’s are your NHL team of choice then you’re welcome to attend his classes where this Vancouver native will gladly talk Canuck’s folklore and statistics. “I’m a die hard Canucks fan so I make Flames fans work extra hard. Just kidding! Everyone works hard! I hope that new clients arrive with an open mind and that my regulars set out to achieve their personal bests” says Andy “You can expect me to work hard too - I’ll be breathless right along with you!”

Besides teaching spin and dreaming up the perfect taco-perogies recipe, what else is it that Andy would like to add to his repertoire? “I want to jump out of a plane! I wish I could fly but jumping out a plane will have to settle. Although I really believe in Henry Ford’s quote Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right. So maybe one day I’ll fly, ha! In seriousness though, I love this quote because it gives me the motivation to think positively and the confidence you need to execute.” Well, we can see it now Andy; you busting out of a plane and flying off into the sunset with a jet pack fuelled by taco-perogies and a soundtrack of edm, house, drum and bass and hip hop remixes. Sounds like a good time and we’re in!

Instagram: @andylin_3


“Chop your own wood and it will warm you twice.”


ONE of my words of wisdom:

Be good to your joints.

ONE song that gets me going:

LCD Soundsystem - All my Friends

Ruth Macfarlane, known affectionately as Rooters, is essentially a stand-up comedian sitting down on a bike. Known for giving you as much of an ab workout through her moves as through her jokes she makes time fly in a class. “I teach spin to inspire others to feel good, laugh and to make working out fun”.

This woman is extremely active having completely several half marathons, marathons, adventure races and regular hot yoga and workouts at the Winter Club with her husband. She keeps her energy up drinking plenty of water (which she calls “the nectar of the gods”), wine (that other nectar of the gods), popcorn and frozen peanut M&Ms.

In addition to a challenging and hilarious workout, knowing Ruth is also a great thing if your body ever needs any, well, spare parts. “I am a Regional Manager for an Orthopedic implant company. “I love what I do! Helping humans to live a better quality life in both healthcare and fitness has fulfilled my life tremendously.” When not teaching at One Cycle or selling body parts, you can find Ruth enjoying many restaurants around town or walking with her best pal, the bearded lady Ella. This unique Muppet-like dog is the most friendly of dogs so, if seen, feel free to show Ella some love.

Taking a break from the comedy persona, Ruth shares her inspiration: “The most beautiful people we have known are those who have known defeat, known suffering, known struggle, known loss, and have found their way out of the depths. These persons have an appreciation, a sensitivity and an understanding of life that fills them with compassion, gentleness and a deep loving concern. Beautiful people do not just happen.”

You can expect Ruth’s classes to be high energy, intense, peppered with jokes and sometimes a little bit like a musical. “Something a lot of people don’t know about me is that I have sung all over the world. I grew up with music in my life so I have a wide variety of music appreciation in which I like to bring to my classes.”. Originally from London, Ontario, Ruth and her comedy carnival traded some good jokes for a one-way flight to Calgary back in 2009. The city has been in a better mood ever since.

Instagram: @Rooters


“You only live once, but if you do it right, once is all you need .”


ONE of my guilty pleasures:

Starbucks London Fog

ONE thing I can’t live without:

Sleep. I’m a huge fan. I need me that 8 hours!

Liam Kronlund has an interesting connection to one of the best selling music artists of all time, Lionel Richie. They share a nickname (that’s a story for another time), a proclivity to singing in public and a love of horses. The original Lionel Richie borrows more from Psy’s Gangnam Style equestrian dance whereas One Cycle’s Liam keeps it authentic and rides a real horse.

As a recent transplant to Calgary, from ranch life in Cochrane, it seems that Liam may in fact be most comfortable in a saddle. “I get excited to get in the bike saddle in front of an energized group and curate the most fun and challenging experience possible”, says Liam. “I hope the atmosphere I provide encourages people to ride to the best of their ability for the fifty minutes we have together”.

This recent university graduate, working towards becoming a paediatric doctor, exudes a very fun, positive and happy energy. So if you do find yourself in Liam’s class you may also find your smile along with it. It’s hard not to when your instructor is constantly smiling - and singing. “I tend to sing a bit in class!” laughs Liam. “I really enjoy spinning to songs that I recognize. I’m a fan of top 40 anthems but I also like putting the odd country tune in as well as rap every so often.” The diverse playlist is sure to energize a variety of people including Liam himself. But when the music is off, and energy is spent from a day of riding horses and stationary bikes, how does Liam stay pumped? Is it his addiction to Jugo Juice and chocolate chip cookies? Perhaps. Is it his inventory of inspiring quotes, aka. ‘soul food’? Perhaps. “I am energized by this quote from Ghandi, Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever. This quote covers two of my core values. It serves as a good reminder of how I wish to live my life.” Liam’s balanced approached to life will be sure to keep you balanced and happy you hopped in the saddle along with him.

Instagram: @ljkron


“Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside in a cloud of smoke, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming “Wow! What a ride!”


ONE of my guilty pleasures:


ONE of my nicknames:


Joanna Majcherkiewicz (or simply ‘Magik’ for those not accustomed to pronouncing so many vowels together) has her hands in many sweaty endeavors.

This welcoming, ambitious and creative woman is a marketing professional in the action sports industry (for brands like Red Bull Canada and Quiksilver Canada) and a TV host and announcer (for networks like Global and OLN and events like the Vancouver 2010 Olympics and the Burton US Open of Snowboarding). She also curates a fitness fashion and music blog called TheSweatStyle.com.

This retired competitive snowboarder and amateur downhill mountain biker used to “live the dream in Whistler” but now gets the same thrill from a One Cycle Spin class. For 10 years Joanna co-owned and co-operated MGT Snowboard Camp for Girls that brought female Olympians, X Games athletes and video superstars to inspire female snowboarders across Canada and the USA. “I love sport and being active in general because it has such an incredible impact on a person’s confidence and well being. MGT provided a platform for this development – and for shenanigans. I mean, MGT stood for More Good Times!” says Joanna. “I bring that same energy to One Cycle now.”

At Joanna’s classes you can expect edgy club music and rare remixes with the occasional familiar sing-along song thrown in. When not at One Cycle you can find Joanna on the microphone at an event, snowboarding, surfing, downhill mountain biking, touring music festivals across North America or eating jellybeans.

Instagram: @joannamagik


“Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.”


ONE of my favourite moves on the bike:

Four corners and the tap back

ONE thing you may not know about me:

I’m the real cookie monster

When Jessie Lail (aka “Brown Thunder” or the “Tandoori Sizzler”) is not on the bike, he is a partner in a commercial development firm called Indevelopments, involved in several family businesses and is the President of Calgary United Soccer Association.

On his down time, he enjoys spending time with family, traveling, playing sports, at the gym, having wine, pizza and eating everything in sight. When you ride in one of Jessie’s classes, it’s sure to be fun and intense and you might hear a tune by Tupac thrown into the mix to get those bodies moving.


“If you cannot do great things, do small things in a great way”


ONE song that gets me going:

Who Gon Stop Me (Jay Z & Kanye)

ONE thing you may not know about me:

I was in a Jazz Band for 4 years (played the trombone)

How did a guy who loves basketball, boxing, crossfit, hiking, biking and snowboarding end up indoors leading the pack in a small, dark, room?

“The answer is simply; I just fell in love with spin. It really clicked with me.” says Chris. That says something about the power of many people in one room, moving together as one, on one beat. But the room needs a strong lead and Chris hits the mark. “I’m just paying it forward. Teaching spin opened my eyes up to a new appreciation for fitness and how connected our minds and bodies are.”

We know that if the NBA came knocking, we’d lose Chris in an instant as basketball is his first passion, but until then we’re happy to see him apply team dynamics to the spin studio experience. “The community we have at the studio is insane!”. And how does he keep ‘the community’ motivated through 50 minutes of work? “With a high energy, bass droppin’, booty poppin’, legs gonna be workin’ type of class by yours truly. I try and bring the type of energy that will motivate from beginning to end.” says Chris.

You’ll definitely see the energy pouring from this cheerful and easy-going instructor with a passion for sports. “And pizza! Hands down my favorite food,” says Chris. In addition to being fuelled by the ‘zza, what else fuels Chris? “This quote by Arthur Ashe really connects with me; “Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.”. It can be applied to anything we want to achieve in our lives. It’s super empowering and I want to people in class to feel that way”. Power to the people, Chris! And to you!

Instagram: @cvizzy_


“Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.”


ONE song that gets me going:

Speakerbox - Bassnectar

ONE of my guilty pleasures:

5 cent Candy

Ashley Duncan, also known as “Racer Rabbit”, describes her ride as a woo-filled energy high which will most definitely include standing sprints which is one of her favorite moves on the bike.

Ashley has a degree in Kinesiology that she is putting to good use as an accountant for a small oil and gas company. When she isn't playing with numbers you can find her counting km's as she trains for ultra marathons with her dog Bradie. Spin has been the best addition to Ashley's training program and her clients are what keep her going. "The energy that spills out of OC is so contagious and it keeps me pushing harder to keep growing with our clients". When you attend Ashley's class expect a heart pumping', woo filled spin class with a house party vibe. Don't hold back, unleash your inner beast when you enter our party cave!

Instagram: @ahoped


“Give up doing it right. You aren’t doing it right anyway.”


ONE word to describe my ride:


ONE thing you may not know about me:

I love sour watermelon candies but not actual watermelon.

Erica Davis, a self-described sparkling water addict - born and raised Calgarian is incredibly bubbly and friendly until you get her on a bike. Then layer on drill sergeant. In a good way.

This retired competitive swimmer is an infectious mix of cheerleader and stern motivator. Erica’s passion for teaching spin class stems from a desire to inspire and motivate others. In her class you can expect to hear a little bit of everything with a focus on electronic dance music, hip hop, rap and anything that will make you “…feel badass!” and keep people working hard together. She expects people to get out of the class what they put into the class and enjoy a fun, challenging and sweaty workout. “Leave everything on the bike! “ she says. To help her ‘leave everything on the bike’, Erica fuels up with Greek yogurt or an apple with peanut butter (rehydrating with Perrier water, obviously!).

What goes through her mind when she’s pushing everyone in the class? She cites Mahatma Gandhi’s quote as most inspirational: Every worthwhile accomplishment, big or little, has its stages of drudgery and triumph: a beginning, a struggle, and a victory. “It’s my favorite because to me it means that every challenge is worthwhile in the end,” she explains.

When not at One Cycle you can find Erica socializing at Cibo on 17th Ave, or sweating it out on her yoga mat. Seeing the world is one of her many aspirations, in addition to ongoing yoga training. Until then, turn up and turn it up, at one of Erica’s One Cycle classes!

Instagram: @eridavis


“There are no limits. There are only plateaus, and you must not stay there, you must go beyond them.”


ONE word to describe my ride:


ONE thing that motivates me:

That burn you get when you’re working hard

If you build it, they will come. This often quoted movie line applies to One Cycle instructor Adam Onulov who has a ‘building’ theme running through his life right now.

There’s the obvious connection (he’s an architect employed by the city’s most reputable architectural firm) but he’s also into building his passport (having trained soccer in Germany, studied his master’s in Spain and currently frequents Miami) and building his shoe collection (which reflects his impeccable sense of style).

Even when describing his spin class style, the building theme continues, with lots of references to form and targeted muscle work. He’s also very passionate about building you up mentally. “The only thing I ever expect from anyone in my class is to work as hard possible, and leave with more confidence than what you came with.” says Adam. In his class you can expect to hear all the good club sounds with a focus on twerk, booty bass and rap (or booty and swag as he likes to call it). When not inside the cardio cave, Adam is playing football (you know the person is legit when they refer to soccer as ‘football’), running stairs, road cycling or planning his next trip to South America or Asia. Be sure to take a class with this creative rising star before the world of architecture, style and travel lure him away from us.

Instagram: @alonulov


“Run towards the Roar.”


ONE thing I can’t live without:

Blue gum - no joke, check almost all my pictures.

ONE thing that motivates me:

My Son

Jessica Olstad (née Janzen), aka. JJ Hammer, knows how to throw down the, well, hammer. This bold energetic and caring farm-girl-turn-city-hustler made the trek to Calgary in 2006 with $300 to her name and no job prospects. “It has been the best decision I ever made.” No better way to learn how to hustle than from a hustler!

So what inspires Jess, and her mega-watt smile, to in turn inspire others at One Cycle? Having 40 people show up and give their all for 50 minutes is pretty powerful. We as instructors get to impact that time - you as a client get a chance to tune out the crazy of the day and take time to reset, focus and push yourself beyond your limits. It is incredible how 50 minutes of fitness can get you gear up for the challenges that lie ahead. 
Keeping her fueled is coffee, coffee and more coffee! You can probably catch her with a Starbucks in hand 99% of the time. The mind needs fuel too and Jess has two quotes to draw inspiration from: "Don't forget to bring the joy, even in the darkness light can be found." and "Dream big, go anywhere, do anything."

Jess loves seeing people let loose, get sweaty and have fun in her class. Her soundtrack is inspired by some Top 40 “..and whatever else that I Shazam that makes me want to pump, dip and tap back to." When Jess isn't at the spin studio teaching you can find her capturing her day on insta stories of "Hot Ronnie" her hubby and Swayzie her daughter. She is currently writing a book to honor her son Lewiston who recently passed of SMA type 1. To learn more about SMA and the Love for Lewiston foundation visit their website at www.loveforlewiston.ca.

Instagram: @jsjanzen


“Love, live life, proceed, progress...”


ONE of my favourite moves on the bike:

Tap backs

ONE of my guilty pleasures:

Tiny things, especially tiny succulents

Brittany Alamag, aka. “B”, shares the same nickname as Beyonce - and flair for style. This may have something to do with the fact that she has a Bachelor’s of Applied Interior Design Degree and works as a full time Interior Designer on the side.

This born and raised Calgarian, a keen eye for design, would love to one day combine her love of fashion, design and architecture into a career. In the meantime, you can find B’s infectious energy and kind vibe at her weekly classes at One Cycle. When not at the spin studio she is with her first love, hot yoga, circuit training or participating in any outdoor sport. But wait. There’s more. B’s into cars. And gaming. “People are always surprised to hear how much I’m into cars and that I love gaming. Mostly racing and RPG games.” We think you one-upped Beyonce there, Brittany!

Fueling her active lifestyle, B relies on UNA pizza. “Get the kale Caesar salad and 4 Maggi pizza and then end off with the peanut dessert! Life changing.” she says.

Stepping into one of Brittany’s classes you can expect diverse music with a focus on gangster rap. And expect her happy and bubbly demeanor to evolve into a highly motivational instructor. “It’s funny when people already know me as a happy and bubbly person and then they come to my class. They claim I have an alter ego and I’m a hardcore pusher.”

What motivates Brittany to get on a bike hour after hour, week after week? “The loyal spin community that comes weekly. I love seeing our regulars’ progress and how happy they are after each class is truly rewarding. The energy they give me gets me through class. I love my spin fam!” But Brittany also has a hidden agenda that motivates her; getting a six pack is on her bucket list and this type of spin class is a great way to achieve this. Just try for yourself. Brittany and her new six-pack will be ready for you!


“Go big or go home.”


ONE word to describe my ride:

A party looking for a place to happen

ONE thing you may not know about me:

I love to sing. In my spare time I have been known to do the occasional performance at Ducky’s.

What happens in Kelle’s spin class, stays in Kelle’s spin class. Using the Las Vegas cliché totally applies here. Dance choreography? Check. Leopard pants? Check. Non judgmental atmosphere? Check. Booty shaking? Check.

Kelle, who proudly declares Las Vegas as her favorite travel destination, expertly recreates the escape and playfulness of the aforementioned party city. “I like the combination of a killer workout and a dance party all at the same time. I don’t take myself too seriously, I get off the bike and bump and grind with my crew.”

Offering this sort of release makes sense for hard working Calgarians and also for this hard working spin instructor. She is currently a resident physician in the specialty of Internal Medicine. “My two homes are the hospital and the spin studio and my wardrobe is a constant rotation between spandex and scrubs. Outside of work and spin, it’s important that I stay connected to my community either through conducting research in health and wellness, providing mentorship to young professionals, or leading various advocacy endeavors. I also love to escape to the mountains to snowboard and I’m a huge foodie, intentionally seeking out new restaurants to explore every week in Calgary’s exciting culinary scene”.

Observing this woman strive to the highest levels in her personal and professional life is an inspiration for those around her, as well as her sense of adventure. “One day I would love to write and record my own music… and swim with the pigs in Exumas, Bahamas!”. Now it all makes sense when you hear her friends describe her as a “party looking for a place to happen”. If you’re ready for the ultimate bike party, you’re all on Kelle’s Guest List. Let’s get this party started, riiight!?

Instagram: @kelledeeh


“Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right.”


ONE of my favourite moves on the bike:

Heavy climbing combo

ONE thing I can’t live without:


Klara moved to Calgary in 2011 and immediately fell in love with the city’s food scene, dance floors and One Cycle Spin Studio.

Stealing a piece of Klara’s heart isn’t easy so what was it about One Cycle that seduced her? “Teaching spin puts me in a great mood despite what’s going on in my day. Knowing that I have the power to motivate people to work hard, care about their health, and leave class happy is a true gift that I wouldn’t trade for anything.”

At Klara’s classes you can expect to hear electronic dance music, hip hop, and all of the remixes. Her faves include Calvin Harris, Kendrick Lamar, and anything you would hear at a Las Vegas pool party. When asked to describe Klara, her friend responded “She is a lot of fun. She has high energy and an exuberant personality. Most of all, Klara has a big heart.” So if a big heart and tough love approach is what you’re looking for in an instructor (and aren’t most of us?) then Klara is the girl to kick your fitness up a notch!

Instagram: @klaralavoie

Lauren C

“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.”


ONE word to describe my ride:


ONE thing that motivates me:

When I get to see people step out of their comfort zone and try a new type of exercise, or change up their routine - gets me all jazzed up!

Lauren ‘Race Legs’ Capozzi is passionate about bringing active living to those around her. She spends most of her time working with cancer survivors to improve their quality of life during and following treatment with the use of exercise and healthy living habits.

Originally from Kelowna, BC, Lauren’s contagious energy and shampoo-commercial quality hair has been permeating Calgary since 2010. She loves the rush of forty people on bikes, in one room, all working towards one goal of “health, fitness and happiness” she says. “It is incredibly motivating to be surrounded by determined, sweaty spinners who are all connected in their intentions. Teaching challenges me to unlock the potential of each spinner, and encourage people to discover their abilities. To do that, I have to push to my limits, and I love that feeling. I am a strong believer that it is up to each of us to reach out and grab what it is we want from life.” says Lauren. She definitely has a firm grip on what she wants. And what makes that grip so strong, physically? “I just got a VitaMix…so right now I am fuelling with GREEN SMOOTHIES! I also love dried fruit and a fantastic salad! When not at the One Cycle Studio this motivating and enthusiastic instructor can be found at the Calgary Farmers Market, indulging in wine, pizza or a great salad at Notable, Una Pizza, River Café or Mercato and enjoying yoga, cycling, hiking, skiing, rollerblading, waterskiing and kickboxing.

Oh – and she’s also a medical and doctoral student (MD/PhD for those who like acronyms) at the University of Calgary where she has studied for the past three years. Her ultimate goal is to be a doctor and researcher who stands for integrative care, including promoting supportive exercise programs for people with chronic conditions (like cancer). She still has another 5 years left in her medical doctor journey but when she’s out – look out world. The future Doctor Lauren Capozzi will be spreading good vibes and healing beyond the four walls of our spin studio - and we’re all excited for that.

Instagram: @lccapozzi

Lauren T

“Sometimes there is no next time, no second chance, no time out. Sometimes it is now or never!”


One word to describe my ride:


One song that gets me going:

King of the Dance Hall really gets my blood flowing and I can’t help but bust a serious move!

When Lauren Trimm (aka LT) is not working it on the bike, she is either getting her sweat on a different way or enjoying good food and delicious drinks with friends and “trying to stay out of trouble.”

You wouldn’t know it by her pro moves on bike in class, but last year was the first time she rode a road bike in 18 years. “I stuck with the stationary bikes for a while, it really is something you never forget how to do! Haha.”

She is fueled by the amazing people in her life and brings her vivacious energy and sass to every one of her classes with a few of her favourite tap backs thrown into the mix that will surely work that booty.

Instagram: @lolo.trimm


“We only regret the chances we didn’t take.”


ONE song that gets me going:

Bang Boom by Tommie Sunshine & Krunk

ONE of my guilty pleasures:


Melissa Salomons, or Mel for those who are short on time, brings a kind, easy-going and energetic vibe to the studio.

Legend has it that when Mel is teaching a class the sun shines a little brighter. Her kind smile and good vibe is that contagious.

Once a competitive soccer player, with over 10 years of experience, Mel now brings that athletic performance to her One Cycle classes. ”I expect our guests to arrive with an open mind and a willingness to be pushed harder than they thought they could. I am inspired to work harder when I see them giving it their all. I in turn inspire them. It’s symbiotic!”

When not at the studio you can find Mel at the University of Calgary campus (where she’s working towards her degree in Communications), enjoying hot yoga or at the dog park with her pup Lola. She fuels her busy lifestyle with coffee, protein shakes and occasionally indulging in pizza at, where else, UNA. “PIZZA TO DIE FOR!”, she says with ALL CAPS.

Instagram: @melsal


“It’s about progress, not perfection.”


ONE word to describe my ride:


ONE thing you may not know about me:

I went to fine arts school as a kid and sang in the Calgary boys choir for 8 years.

Mike Henry is a baller. By Urban Dictionary terms that means he’s living large. Which he is. He is tall, broad shouldered, played college basketball in Montana (Go Bobcats Go).

He also knows a lot about megabytes and terabytes, which are very large numbers. You see, Mike’s day job is managing a group of software developers that build custom solutions for an Oil and Gas company in Calgary.

The self-described A-type personality is always striving for the next thing. Driven by a desire to constantly learn and push limits he applies this to his classes. “But I am also very much aware to be present and enjoy every moment life offers”, says Mike. “I want to motivate and inspire those around me and myself to make fitness not just some class you go to, but part of a lifestyle.”

He fuels his workouts with anything (anyone else thinking: metabolism lottery?), although his favorites are sushi, cheese (all kinds) and Vietnamese cuisine. When not at One Cycle you can find Mike at Mercato Restaurant on 4th street or… stealing cats? “I scored a cat on a city wide treasure hunt in University in a…. how would Rob Ford put it… “in one of my drunken stupers”. I still have the cat today….15 years later.”. Thank you for clarifying Mike! A one time only thing!

In Mike’s class your ears can expect hip hop, reggae, soca, calypso. “I’m an island boy from St. Lucia so that is the sound I grew up with. You can be sure to hear a heavy beat, with quick lung burning jogs with slow hard hitting climbs.”

Besides a heavy beat, what else inspires this outgoing and competitive guy? “I am driven by “fail fast”. It’s a term we say lots in software development and it means that if you have a plan of attack, go for it, but know it’s ok to fail, you tried. But fail fast to learn from it, and apply it to the next attempt. It’s about progress not perfection.” Perfectly said Mike.

Instagram: @mg_henry


“The most important project you’ll ever work on is you.”


ONE word to describe my ride:


ONE thing you may not know about me:

I love charades more than anything in life and make everyone at my family dinners play it with me. They are usually (let’s be honest) NEVER as excited as I am.

Morgan Linehan, originally from Victoria, BC has been sweating it up in Calgary since 2008. She loves hot yoga, running, boot camps, circuit classes but spin has really captured her heart.

“I teach spin because I love having a positive effect on people! Giving your body the gift of daily exercise is amazing and I can truly see the difference it makes in the people that come to my class. I feel honored to be a part of that experience. Whether it’s the loud music, the disco ball, the friend sitting next to you, or the encouragement from the stage - there is something for everyone.”

This self-described bubbly chatterbox is “obsessed with napping”, dance floors and loves her cowboy boots more than anything. What else does she love? “I love when clients come in with an open mind and heart! You can really feel when the class gives in to the music, the beat, and the workout. Next time you clip in, get ready to cheer and smile and give in to the workout. It’s worth it!”

When not at One Cycle you can find Morgan busy working on her Masters in Leadership, refining her skills on the road bike, reading anything about World War II, reciting quotes from the movie Titanic, eating peanut butter, or sipping on a delicious Americano Misto at Analog Coffee.

Any words that inspire you, Morgan? “If you’re tired of starting over, stop giving up”. This quote really resonates with me. It is always on the background of my phone and it keeps me motivated and consistent.

In Morgan’s class your ears can expect a bumpin’ retro throwback: “I really like 80’s…like LOVE 80's and will do anything and everything to find a cool remix. Sweet dreams, anyone? I really try to incorporate the oldies whenever possible accompanied with some heavy hard house beats.”

Instagram: @morganleelinehan


"I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel."


ONE thing that motivates me:

The feeling of community, the bonds, friendships and accountability that comes from these fifty minutes together.

ONE of my guilty pleasures:

Ice creeeeeeam

Shaima is a bit exotic. Not just because she is from Egypt or because she is a world class Muay Thai competitor. Not just because she is a unique blend of professional accountant, yoga instructor, spin instructor and full contact fighter. It is because she has a flamboyant personality on the bike that has made her an inspiration to a very loyal following.

Or perhaps it’s all of these wonderful things combined that make Shaima an exotic member of the One Cycle family. This charismatic, quirky, funny and energetic woman has so many exciting commitments on the go. With so much competing for her time, what is it about spin that keeps her engaged? “I love seeing the release it gives people from their daily routines and stress. I love watching them let loose. I love the look of contentment and exhaustion at the end of class because they’ve pushed so hard. Ultimately, I get immense satisfaction from seeing our guests feel better about themselves.”

When not sweating on a bike and inspiring people with her quirky jokes Shaima likes to keep the sweat going. “My favourite gear to sweat in are my boxing gloves (I am grateful to have had the opportunity to fight in the 2012 IFMA World Championships in Russia)! When I’m not wearing gloves I enjoy teaching hot yoga and weight training”.

Keeping her energized are protein shakes, triple chocolate fudge brownies and ice cream. “I love ice creeeeeeeeeam!” emphasizes Shaima. Ice cream infatuation aside, there is another appealing part of Shaima’s classes and that is her blunt honesty and commanding personality. “When people come to my class I expect them to leave their issues at the door and to focus on themselves. I want the greatest version of themselves in class. I want each person to be a source of strength for those around them because they never know who they could be inspiring”. Knowing Shaima’s athletic background you would be ill advised to not listen to what she says. But we have a feeling that if you slip up it can all can be mended with some delicious chocolatey… ice creeeeeeeeeam.

Instagram: @shaimez


“Pain is just weakness leaving the body.”


ONE of my favorite moves on the bike:

Pump dip 2 tap back combo

ONE of my guilty pleasures:

reality TV

Attending a spin class with Peter might be not only the best, but only way, to get to know this fun, easy going, young doctor.

His tight schedule is just what you might expect a burgeoning pediatric (Peter is a resident the Alberta Children’s Hospital). He’s in pursuit of his dream career of being an infectious diseases specialist and the only spare time he allows himself is leading high energy classes at One Cycle.

“Finishing my medical residency at the University of Calgary is all consuming but I love making time for spin. It’s an incredibly effective workout in an efficient 50-minute time frame and time flies by! Everyone has such busy personal and professional lives, with major overlap, and spin fits nicely into the busy mix.”

Although the workout is, as Petey V., points out, super efficient and effective, the element of fun is massive and that’s an extension of Pete himself. His 90s throwback theme rides are a must and he’s always up for a good to time “…and a good time to me, in spin, means a soundtrack of top 40 anthems, pop hits and some house.” What about trampoline parks, Pete? We hear you think that’s a pretty good time too? “Yes, one of my dreams is to own a trampoline park. And to go skydiving and scuba diving in Australia. Lastly, I’d like to be Superman.” With a bright mind like his, we bet most of that list is possible, but in the meantime, we’ll settle for Spinman.

Instagram: @petey.v


"Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire."


ONE thing you may not know about me:

I was a competitive dancer, across all styles, growing up (hip hop, lyrical, modern, contemporary and ballet)

ONE thing that motivates me:

The contagious energy, which transcends throughout the room and pushes riders further into their workout both physically and mentally.

If Hayley was a perfume it would be some sort of beach-breeze-mango-sun elixir that would make you feel vibrant, re-freshed and optimistic.

Her positive, bubbly, energy is contagious and her mega watt smile lures anyone in who attends her classes. She used to bring this energy to working with the city’s less fortunate and has since decided to completely focus on fitness and well being. “Post university I worked as a social worker in the homeless sector, specifically with woman and children.” says Hayley. “I recently moved on from that role to fully pursue my passion in health and wellness. I’m excited to see where it takes me next.”

Next might just be completing her yoga teacher training in India which would officially make her a triple threat; spin instructor, boxing instructor and yoga teacher. In Hayley’s classes you can expect EDM, mashups and r&b throwbacks, with perhaps the very occasional rock cameo. “I was a competitive dancer, across all styles, growing up (hip hop, lyrical, modern, contemporary and ballet). My studio was unlike the others because we danced to mainly heavy metal and rock artists such as Marilyn Manson, Korn and Nine Inch Nails. I still listen to them on the regular!” Okay so maybe we need to modify her perfume ingredients to include some hint of black eyeliner or leather. Either way, the predominant aroma will be good energy, big smiles and a zest of life. Who wants some!?

Instagram: @hzokes


“Creativity is contagious, pass it on.” 


ONE thing I can’t live without:

Dogs. All of the dogs.

ONE song that gets me going:

Commander - Kelly Rowland

Come to one of Ryan’s classes for a high energy and challenging workout with Track of Truth attacks that will get that heart rate climbing and push you to your limits.

His passion for teaching is fueled by hearing people express how his classes are helping them achieve their fitness goals while having fun at the same time. Ryan’s sense of humour and energetic choreographed moves (he is a former national competitive gymnast) will have you coming back for more.

When he’s not teaching at ONE CYCLE, Ryan works as a full-time project manager in construction and as a permanent make-up tattoo artist. On his off time, you can find him hanging out with his dog or maybe indulging in a slice of coconut cake from Decadent Desserts.



“Life will knock you down, but if you fall, try to land on your back, because if you can look up, you can get up.”


ONE of my guilty pleasures:

Peanut butter. My favorite dessert is melting peanut butter with honey and dipping fruit in it.

ONE thing you may not know about me:

I used to be 40lbs heavier than I am now...and it wasn’t muscle mass.

Matt is a Calgary boy who grew up playing every sport his parents would let him, from hockey and football to skiing and golf, sports and fitness has always been his passion.

After his competitive sporting days ended, he took to multiple fitness pursuits including long distance running and weight lifting. Looking to change up his workouts, he decided to try spin at One Cycle and discovered it be a very humbling experience that left him breathless and hooked after that first class. “I never had so much fun during a cardio workout and was quickly seeing the results of it!”

When he’s on the podium, he loves to see people walk into class and set their lives aside to give it their all for 50 minutes. “You never know the story of the person sitting next to you. Seeing other people’s drive and passion keeps me motivated week after week.”

When Matt is not on the bike, he is a designated accountant working as a financial analyst in the energy industry or out in his favourite place, the mountains, as much as possible. “Hiking, trail running, skiing or out on Lake Windermere are my places to be. Or if I’m in town, I’m at brunch, my favorite meal of the day.”

A workout with Matt will push you past your boundaries with every pedal stroke with some classic hip hop tunes and a few jogging tap backs to get your lost in the beat.

Instagram: @mattcornfield


“If someone tells you you can't do something, prove them wrong.”


ONE thing that motivates me:

The strength and determination of the OC crew and riders.

ONE word to describe my ride:


Carly is a born and raised Calgarian and has a true love for this city and supporting everything local.

Eating and hanging with her dog Sophie are a couple of her favourite hobbies alongside spin. When she's not in the studio, hanging with her dog, or out at a favourite restaurant, she is checking out the city's Real Estate and hoping to start working in the field soon.

She is energetic and wants to push you to your limits, but make it fun! If you get to her class you will feel like you are in a night club, partying on the bike. The goal of Carly's classes is to make you sweat, smile, and shake (your booty). Spin is the thing that makes Carly smile no matter what mood she is in or how her week or day is going. "The energy and motivation of those that come into the studio pushes me to work harder and always do my best to inspire those around me, because they all inspire me. I can't explain how good of a feeling I have in my heart after teaching a class." Carly likes to sing a little bit in the class, though she is not the best singer she can't help herself but sing along to the fun upbeat song playing. Her energy is high the whole time whether she is singing, or jumping around the room. She wants you to stay in the zone and work you to your fullest potential.

In her class you can expect to hear some throwback tunes from the 90's or early 2000's, some hip hop/rap, and top 40's, of course. So if you want to sweat, smile, and shake your booty to some good tunes, don’t hesitate for one second to go to Carly's class.

Instagram: @CARLYITZCO


"Make the most of yourself by fanning the tiny, inner sparks of possibility into flames of achievement."


ONE thing that motivates me:

My son. He inspires me to be the best version of myself every single day!

ONE thing you may not know about me:

I’m suppose to be a school teacher but the challenge of running businesses was more exciting to me!

"As much as I love the ride outside, the 50 minute rush and sweat you get while riding at OC is what constantly brings me back to that spin room."

Cycling both in the spin room and out of the spin room is a pretty big part of Jill's life, as she and her husband own 3 Bike Shops here in Calgary.

Her motivation to teach is seeing people return to your classes and watching them get stronger and improve their skills & movements on the bike. "It is the best feeling in the world to see your class move together while taking on new challenges. It is the best way to squeeze in a full body workout in your day, which is something I struggle to go without!" She believes that no matter how strong you get on the bike you are always in control of making your class harder to challenge and push you.

Jill brings her endurance onto the bike with her competitive background in running (she competed in Varsity in University) and when she's not on the spin bike, you can find her running outdoors with her son in the chariot.

When you go to Jill's class, you can always expect a long dirty climb with some breathtaking TOT’s! "Commitment & hard work both on and off the bike is my goal and being able to inspire others to do the same is something so special."

Instagram: @jgalarneau11


“It is not the critic who counts, the credit belongs to man or woman in the arena whose face is marred with dust and sweat and tears, who if fails, fails daring greatly”


ONE thing that motivates me:

I'd say my mom - she is THE most passionate and hardworking person I know by far.

ONE thing you may not know about me:

I know 4 languages - Twi (my native language), French, Japanese and English.

Hailing from West Africa to Saskatchewan and now Calgary, you'll often find Kwad quoting phrases about daring greatly or working today to be a better you tomorrow sporting the cheesiest grin.

Believe it or not Kwadwo used to be 30 pounds heavier - with pictures to prove it- and disliked exercise with the ferocity of a thousand suns. That changed a few years ago thanks to a small gym and a friend he made while living in Vietnam for a summer. Since then, fitness and health have become passions for him. After being introduced to spin by a good friend he has been hooked and is happy to call One Cycle another home. The community, the feeling of a fast beating heart and even the soreness and breathlessness that come with a good ride are all factors that motivate Kwad. His hope is to push others beyond their comfort zone of their current physical prowess. He firmly believes that we only change for the better when we are challenged and that comfort only serves us well for so long. His ride models that belief. You will leave feeling sore, sweaty, challenged but with a smile on your face.

Of the bike, Kwadwo can be found lifting heavy things and putting them down or walking the halls of the hospital at night as an Internal Medicine resident. Having been to over 20 countries (and counting) one of Kwad's favourite things to do is to explore what the world has to offer. With his time off he can often be found in a foreign country avoiding deep waters, as he cannot swim- but finding something tall to climb, hike or jump off. He maintains his performing arts roots by playing guitar and singing in a choir his spare time.

Come join OC's choir singing, guitar playing, jet-setting resident physician for a ride! Your body, legs, arms, and booty will thank you.

Instagram: @KWADMP


“Prepare to get sweaty, get dancey, get goofy and get loudddddd!”


ONE of my nick names:

Herbs, Herbie Herbs, Bherbs, Oregano...just kidding about that last one ;)

ONE of my guilty pleasures:

Sweet pickles

Brenna is a born and raised Calgarian that loves this city and all the amazing things it has to offer, especially the people.

When she's not on the bike, she works for TransCanada Pipelines as a Community Relations Advisor. "Connecting with people is what lifts me up – I seriously feel like I could even have a great chat with a brick wall." she says jokingly.

Back in the day, Brenna played soccer and field hockey competitively for over 10 years. "When the ol’ ankles couldn’t handle the high impact sports, I was lucky enough to find the spin room. Spin has been a game changer for me. Not only does it deliver an insane workout, but it also allows me to challenge myself in new and exciting ways. Life can sometimes be crazy, and being part of this community has provided me an escape. Being surrounded by people that inspire and uplift one another is truly what propels this addiction."

She loves being able to provide an experience for others that borders their comfort zone. "When you enter that space is when you become the most powerful and discover the most change. I am honored to be in a position to help others push their limits both physically and mentally in that room."

Brenna says music is one of the best parts about a great spin class. "When you take one of my classes you can expect to get lost in the sound and obviously some laughter. I don’t have a particular style of music, could be anything from Lil Jon to Bryan Adams, but don’t worry there will always be a sick beat!"

Something you may not know about her is that she used to perform in musicals and Youth Singers as a kid. I’m secretly hoping a scout is going to show up at one of my classes one day and hear me belt out some Tove Lo...It could happen."

Instagram: @brennaherbs


“You musn’t be afraid to dream bigger, little one”


ONE of my favourite moves on the bike:

Pump and Tap baby!

ONE of my guilty pleasures:

Bananas dipped in almond butter

Brandy's quote is something her grandfather used to say to her, which inspired her to get it as a tattoo along her spine.

Brandy’s crisis response training has taught her to always be cool, calm and collected under times of high stress and conflict. However, get her into any kind of competitive situation and you can sense the fire start to build inside of her and a familiar twinkle returns to her eyes. Training sessions of three and four times a day were part of her daily routine as a member of the Marquette’s NCAA Division I volleyball team and so Brandy cannot imagine her life without movement, in fact she finds sitting still to be quite a challenge. ”Our bodies were made to move and if you aren’t moving, well, then you are sitting and that just makes you a good sitter.” If you were to ask her, Brandy would tell you that spin and yoga came into her life just when she was in desperate need of an alteration in course. “This community has re-energized me, and for that I am so grateful.”

When she isn’t in the spin or yoga studio, or outside enjoying some other active pursuit, Brandy works as a principal in a school of over 900 teenagers, all going through various stages of puberty…hence she tends to draw on that crisis training on a daily basis. In fact, she loves school so much she returned to the University of Heidelberg in Germany a few years ago to finish her PhD, focusing on using the most current developments in neurobiology to optimize learning environments for adolescents. She credits her 900+ school children with keeping her young. Spin helps Brandy ensure she can keep up with an extremely active lifestyle that involves participating in and watching all kinds of athletic pursuits, travelling, finding the most effective and healthy ways to fuel our bodies, and also reading, researching and writing. She can’t wait for you to join her on the bike…and remember, as a school principal, she has heard every excuse imaginable…so needless to say, there is no room for excuses when it comes to Brandy’s spin class.



“By quote, do you mean inappropriate memes?!”


ONE thing I can’t live without:

Mama’s home cooked meals.

ONE thing you may not know about me:

On a Saturday night, I often opt to stay in and watch Disney/Pixar movies,

Marco is a born and raised Calgarian who brings his fun-loving sense of humour and positivity into the spin room every time he teaches.

“I was brought up by an Italian family thinking we’re still in small town Italy from the 50’s. Wouldn’t change that for anything, so blessed and lucky to have my family.”

Fitness and keeping fit is Marco’s addiction/hobby and he believes it’s essential to helping one live a happy healthy life. “I absolutely love being on the spin bike, it brings me so much joy. I am full of energy, whether 6:00am or 7:30pm, and will always deliver and share my energy with all my riders.” He explains that the genuine connection he makes with people in each 50 minute session is what motivates him to teach and you can expect a fun and challenging class with a little Italian/Latin flare when you come to one of his classes.

When he’s not pushing you to your limits on the bike, you can find him getting his sweat on boxing (his other fitness addiction) or working his day job as an Insurance Broker (feel free to contact him if you need a quote if you own a business, car or home).

Instagram: @SARROMARCO


“Thoughts become things...choose them wisely.”


ONE of my guilty pleasures:

Chocolate chip cookies...but I don't feel guilty about it!

ONE word to describe my ride:


My Why: Fierce beats + a room full of big hearts + deep, drippy sweat = All the feels I'm after.

Amelia brings her background in competitive sport (she's an ex-NCAA Gold Medalist in Women's Hockey), combined with her experience and certification in yoga to lead a fiery, soulful work-out on the bike. Welcome to your sweaty, bad-ass meditation.

"I love the place just beyond where our limits were last time; in the fire, in the burn, in the quiet beyond the push and the noise, that is magic. And, the best part is, it's all just a metaphor for the good {big} stuff..



“By quote, do you mean inappropriate memes?!”


ONE thing I can’t live without:

Mama’s home cooked meals.

ONE thing you may not know about me:

On a Saturday night, I often opt to stay in and watch Disney/Pixar movies,

Marco is a born and raised Calgarian who brings his fun-loving sense of humour and positivity into the spin room every time he teaches.

“I was brought up by an Italian family thinking we’re still in small town Italy from the 50’s. Wouldn’t change that for anything, so blessed and lucky to have my family.”

Fitness and keeping fit is Marco’s addiction/hobby and he believes it’s essential to helping one live a happy healthy life. “I absolutely love being on the spin bike, it brings me so much joy. I am full of energy, whether 6:00am or 7:30pm, and will always deliver and share my energy with all my riders.” He explains that the genuine connection he makes with people in each 50 minute session is what motivates him to teach and you can expect a fun and challenging class with a little Italian/Latin flare when you come to one of his classes.

When he’s not pushing you to your limits on the bike, you can find him getting his sweat on boxing (his other fitness addiction) or working his day job as an Insurance Broker (feel free to contact him if you need a quote if you own a business, car or home).

Instagram: @SARROMARCO