“Be stronger than your excuse.”


ONE of my favourite moves on the bike:

A heavy climb track. As who doesn’t want a tight tush?!

ONE thing you may not know about me:

I wanted to be a mortician and even went as far as being accepted into the program.

Vanessa is the personification of The Energizer Bunny. She is a constant source of positive energy and has a dynamic smile.

This cheerful and perky athlete has been sharing her positive and infectious energy in group fitness classes since the year 2000. She's done it all from sporting the lycra body suit for a step class to teaching spin where the bikes have no seats (thank goodness that fad passed quickly!) When she's not in the spin room, the party doesn't stop. Being a busy mom takes her all over the place for daily activities. Swimming, play centers, libraries and zoo trips are filled with chasing after toddlers filled with giggles and smiles. Being a lover of small people, she spends the rest of her free time working at The Alberta Children's Hospital in Diagnostic Imaging.

Originally from Lethbridge, this Energizer Bunny made her way to Calgary in 2003 (she probably ran here – and carried her own luggage). Out of all of Calgary’s high energy distractions, spin caught her attention because of the high energy dance party that the One Cycle atmosphere offers. “I love being in a room filled with sweaty people pushing their limits.” Vanessa is in constant motion, whether it’s in the pursuit of sweat or new learning opportunities. She’s motivated by the saying “Don't wait for the perfect moment, take the moment and make it perfect.” We’d have to agree that this woman is an inspirational animal on the bike!

Instagram:  @vapoll