Dear mama: You are appreciated.

In honour of Mother's Day, members of our team share how their mama's inspire them and shaped them into who they are today.



This is Mama Jude and I! She will forever be my ears to talk to, my cheerleader, my friend, and my mentor. Love her to bits! 

Me and Mom.jpg


My mom is the most selfless person I know and has taught my sister and I to be confident in everything we do. She always has such a positive outlook and is so much fun to be around, if she wasn't my mom I would choose her as a friend.



Hardest working mom out there!  She’s the Alpha Mom and I am who I am today because of her.  She inspires me everyday to work a little harder, dig a little deeper and set my sights a little higher.  I love her more than she’ll ever know.



My mom is a total angel! She inspires my creative side. She is the Martha Stewart to my Snoop dog. She raised me to understand and love women! She is a true angel and I love spending time with her always! And she is totally the reason I’m such an spaz about having everything perfected in my spin class ;)

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My mom inspires me to always chase my dreams and to work hard for something you really want. My mom is such a hard working boss babe who owns her own private school and has jumped through so many hoops to get to where she is today. Seeing how hard she has worked to achieve her dream is so inspiring and motivating for me to watch as I grow up and start to chase my own passions. I love how my mom can take any sticky situation and just knows how to get s*** done to make everything so much better. She is also super beautiful and my #1 front row spin supporter!



Two of the strongest women. I look to them for knowledge, support and guidance when I need a push in the right direction. I am who I am because of these two incredible women.